Outdoor Burn Policy

Snoqualmie Pass Fire & Rescue

Adopted June 13, 2005

General Information

The following is an authorized policy regulating outdoor burning within the fire district. The permit process does not apply to burning in the area identified as the Forest Protection Zone of the Department of Natural Resources. The Forest Protection Zone consists of all Department of Natural Resources or Washington State Lands. Burning in the Forest Protection Zone is under the control of the Department of Natural Resources. Department of Natural Resource Phone Number:

No outdoor burning, of any kind, is authorized during a burn ban declared by the fire district, County or the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (1-800-595-4341). BAN INFORMATION may be obtained by logging into the District website at www.snoqualmiepassfirerescue.org or by calling the fire district at
(425) 434-6333

Natural vegetation is the only material that may be burned. All other materials such as cardboard, lumber, garbage, plastics, paints, rubber products, dead animals and petroleum products are prohibited. This list is not all-inclusive. Only natural vegetation such as branches, leaves, etc. may be burned. Materials must be from the burn site only; materials cannot be transported to the site and then burned. All burning at a commercial occupancy is prohibited.

Burning is prohibited if wind exceeds 15 mph, and during any burn ban declared by the fire district or the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. A pile to be burned in the vicinity of an occupied structure may be required to meet more restrictive wind speed conditions.

Residential burning is authorized in the fire district; provided the pile is limited in size, located at least 25 feet from any structure or propane tanks, an adult is in attendance with appropriate extinguishing equipment, and the smoke and fly ash do not constitute a nuisance. No written burning permit is required for residential burning. Pile size is limited to 4 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet high (4’X4’X3’). Contact Station 291 or our web site for further burn information.

Cooking fires in manufactured cooking devices and small open pit cooking fires, do not require a written permit. Cooking fires in an open pit larger than 2 feet in diameter will be considered residential outdoor burning. Cooking fires are prohibited if there is a burn ban in effect. 

All burn barrels are strictly prohibited.

If an individual suspects that a pile may be illegal or that the smoke is causing an undue nuisance, please call Station 291 at (425) 434-6333 or 911 and the Fire Department will investigate the complaint.

Land clearing fires may be allowed; provided the site is not in a no-burn area, and all permit conditions have been met. Land clearing fires are defined as piles larger than 4’ x 4’. Piles larger than 10’ x 10’ are not allowed.

Step 1 Call Station 291 at (425) 434-6333 and coordinate an inspection date. If no one answers the phone, leave a message and a representative will call you back. Site location information will be required. Owner must prepare site prior to inspection. Due to the restricted office hours and required site inspection, please plan in advance.

Step 2 A physical inspection of the site will be arranged and conducted by a fire district official. If the proposed burn meets the rules for outdoor burning, the official making the inspection will issue a permit. 

Step 3 Conduct the burn according to the conditions on the permit. The permit is in effect for one (1) week, but may be extended by telephone for reasons acceptable to the fire district.

NOTE: An outdoor burning permit is issued for a specific site, and for identified pile(s). The permit cannot be transferred to another person, site, or pile. Burning permits may be revoked at any time for violation of the burn rules of the fire district, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, or the Washington Clear Air Act. Violations may be subject to citation and a substantial fine.


Clearance from any structure or propane tank shall be a least 50 feet. Bare earth clearance shall be at least equal to the pile diameter.

One adult, and one piece of equipment capable of control or extinguishment of the pile, shall be required for each pile burning. A second pile may be ignited in the same area, when the first pile has burned down to residual embers. At least one fan capable of 500 CFM of airflow shall be employed during land clearing burning.

No new fire may be ignited after noon on any authorized burn day. No new material may be added to a burning pile after 3 PM on any authorized day.

The Fire Chief or his designee may revoke land-clearing permits at any time. A permit to burn does not relieve the permittee from full responsibility for the fire; including costs of extinguishment should it spread, costs of damage to other property and for the smoke and fly ash produced by the fire.

Fines can be assessed for violations or repeated visits to burn sites. The Fire Chief or his designee may assess a fine if there are violations of the above conditions or if there are repeated visits by fire personnel. Fines will be in accordance with the Washington State fee standards. A fine schedule is available upon request.